The Cessna Activity Center

2744 S. George Washington Blvd.

Wichita, Kansas, 67210

TO ENTER: go to i-tica.com (preferred) + SUMMARY FORM





Victoria Shields/SP

Adriana Kajon/SP

Canie Brooks /AB

Jm Armel/AB

Donna Armel/AB

Charlotte Shea/SP


Victoria Shields/AB

Adriana Kajon/AB

Heather Roberts/AB

 Jeff Roberts/AB

Canie Brooks/SP

Toni Meisberger SP

entry clerk:  Jackie Rose (cuddlebugpersians@msn.com)

master clerk:  Tammy Ardolf (tammyardolf@gmail.com)

Entry fees:



For EB entries only:  entry fee includes extra 1/2 cage space for odd number entries

1st:  EB:$70/ REGULAR:$80 (one day:EB: $35/ REG: $40)

2 entries:  EB : $135/ REGULAR:$150 (one day: EB: $70/ REGULAR: $$75

3 entries:  EB: $195 / REGULAR: $215  (one day: $110)

4 AND MORE entries: EB: $50 each additional beyond 3 / $60 Regular

HHP/ANB/PNB:  $55 (one day: $30)

JE:  $25



$30 (double cage)

(limit 4 kittens per double cage or 2 adults)

State of Kansas doesn't allow kitten sales at show, but feel free to bring your exhibition kittens/cats!


Extra ½ cage:  $15

Groom :  $30


Ring Sponsorship:  $25



Entries close at midnight on the September 12, 2017. No late entries. See Summary Sheet for other fees. Entry via TOES (i-tica.com)   Entries payment must be received within 5 days of submitting the entry.


Check In: Saturday & Sunday 7:30 - 8:30 am.  

Show starts promptly at 9:00 am Saturday/Sunday ends at 4:00pm or when judging completed.

Payment: By entering the show, you agree to pay all fees whether you attend the show or not. A $25 charge will be assessed for any returned checks. Entry fees are non-refundable. 

 A $20 charge will be assessed for all entry payments paid at door unless prior arrangements are made with entry clerk. Only cash will be accepted if people pay at the door - no checks.

 We accept checks, money order, and MasterCard and Visa credit card payments on-line through PayPal.

PAYPAL PAYMENTS:  kansaskatzclub@gmail.com


All payments and entry fees must be received no later than 10pm September 16, 2017. NSF checks and fees owed due to failure to bench will be reported to TICA in accordance with Show Rule 24.4.


This is a BRING YOUR OWN CAGE show, wire cages not available.




KansasKatz does not have a show hotel, however, here is a list of pet friendly hotels in the area:


LaQuinta Airport (with free airport shuttle)

5500 W Kellogg Drive

Wichita, KS


(use TICA discount code:  1NCATASC )

No pet fee


Laquinta Wichita East

7335 East Kellogg Drive

Wichita KS


no pet fee

(use TICA discount code:  1NCATASC )



Red Roof Inn

990 North Connolly Court

Wichita KS


(hotel located North side of city)

approx. $45, no pet fee

use TICA RED ROOF code for extra discount (on tica.org)



Motel 6:  Wichita Airport

5736 West Kellogg Drive

Wichita KS


$47 with no pet fee, use TICA discount code (on tica.org)






Junior Exhibitor Program: The club is pleased to support the Junior Exhibitor program. The
program is open to all exhibitors under 18 years of age participating in the show. We are offering the Junior Exhibitor ring to our junior exhibitors. The entry fee is $25.00 for one cat. The cat must be registered in the Junior's name and they must prepare the cat and show the cat in the show. The entry fee includes a single cage, entry to the show and to the Junior Exhibitor ring. In order to receive these discounted fees, the cat must be present in the Junior Exhibitor ring or else regular fees will apply. See Summary Sheet to enter the JE ring.


Exhibitor Information

Benching: Every effort will be made to accommodate benching requests, but the club cannot

make any guarantees.

Note: Exhibitors bringing their own cages must buy an extra half cage space (except of extra 1/2 cage space if you enter with EARLY BIRD rates.)

Exhibition Cats/Kittens: You must submit an entry via TOES for form for each “exhibition” entry.  Use the Litter Registration number if there is no individual registration. Please provide the appropriate caging. 2 cats or 4 kittens allowed per double cage.


Services: Litter will be provided. Bring your own litter pans, cat food and food bowls. People food will be available from the concession in the show hall.  We will have mobile lunch vendors in the parking lot.



According to TICA Show Rule 203.19, all Preliminary New Breeds (PNB) and Advanced New

Breeds (ANB) must have a TICA registration number prior to any TICA show. No Preliminary New Breed or Advanced New Breed may enter a show with a "registration pending"


Clerk and Steward Information

Clerks: Please indicate on the Summary Form if you will be available to clerk and who you would like to clerk for. Ring clerks will be paid $35.00 per day, provided lunch and a fully marked catalog. Ring clerks will be assigned based on their request when entries have closed. Clerking assignments are not guarantees but the club will try to comply with the individuals

request. DO NOT DEDUCT CLERKING FEES FROM ENTRY FEES. Compensation will be made

at the end of the show.

Stewards: Please indicate on the Summary Form if you will be available to steward and who you

would like to steward for. Stewards will be compensated $20.00 per day and

provided lunch. Stewards will be assigned based on their requested when entries have closed.

Stewarding assignments are not guarantees but the club will try to comply with the individuals

request. Compensation will be made at the end of the show.


Vendor Information

Vendors: Limited booth space will be available. Please contact the Vending

Coordinator: CARRIE LOWER (carlower1@yahoo.com / 316-633-6303) regarding vending information. 


General Information

Awards: Ribbons and rosettes will be awarded in accordance with TICA Show Rules. Trophies and prizes will be given where donated.

Health Requirements: This is a non-vetted show: All cats must be in good health. Cats showing
signs of ear mites, fungus, or any illness will not be permitted in the show hall. All entries should be immunized against feline rhinotracheitis, calicivrus and feline enteritis and should test negative for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. Any cat which is obviously pregnant or lactating will be disqualified. All claws (front and back) must be clipped prior to judging. The state of Kansas requires Rabies vaccinations. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination if asked.


Registration: Registration with TICA is not necessary to compete in the cat's first show.

Registration IS required for subsequent shows and for confirmation of titles and scoring for TICA regional and international awards. Please contact TICA for registration forms and information (TICA,P. O. Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551), or go to www.tica.org


Household pets: HHPs over the age of eight (8) months of age must be neutered. HHPs are
judged in 10 divisions. If you are unsure of your cat's color or division, please send a color photo of your cat with your entry.

Show Rules: by entering, all exhibitors agree to abide by all TICA Show Rules, and the decisions of the judges and show committee. Show Rules may be obtained from TICA, P.O. box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551.


Liability: KansasKatz Cat Club cannot be held responsible for injury, loss or damage to cats, exhibitors orpersonal property of exhibitors or vendors or other such persons or property in attendance.

This will be a NON-SMOKING show hall. There will be an outside designated area for


Contact Jackie Rose (cuddlebugpersians@msn.com)  Entry Clerk for questions about your entry.


Kansaskatz Cat Club


SEPTEMBER 16 & 17, 2017


Kansaskatz Cat Club​

proudly presents


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